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Friday, May 16, 2014

Ups and Downs


Just a random luahan rasa from me. I think semua orang akan ada ups and downs dalam hidup masing-masing. Kadang-kadang kita selalu tengok hidup orang lain macam seronok je. Kaya. Barang-barang dia beli mahal-mahal. Baju dia pakai cantik-cantik. Anak dia behave. Suami dia hensem. Isteri dia cantik annnddd the list go on. Semuanya yang indah-indah belaka orang kata. Tapi kita tak tau kesulitan, dugaan atau kesusahan yang diorang lalui untuk dapat apa yang diorang ada sekarang or orang itu mungkin senang bahagian tertentu tapi at the same time ada bahagian lain dia susah. We will always look a grass green on the other side.

I have my own ups and downs too. I know kadang-kadang orang nampak hidup I senang. Hakikatnya my life macam orang lain gak. I have a moment I don't have enough money. I have a moment I cry a lot because I can't handle the test from Allah anymore. I have a moment Amni throw tantrums and I don't know what to do with her. I have moment the cake I bake turn bad. Please of course I do have my own downs moment but one thing for sure I tak suka nak tunjuk dekat orang. Kebiasaannya I akan simpan dalam hati, layan sendiri or share with husband. Kalau takde duit for example, I duduk senyap2. Cut any unnecessary expenses dan sebolehnya taknak minta dengan husband because I know my husband have his moment too. I only like to share happiness with people.

So please people have mercy with others. Seriously you takkan tau apa dia rasa, lalui unless you in their shoes. Don't judge people by apa yang you nampak. Takde apa nak dimalukan kalau kita tak berduit atau susah. Tapi kalau kita susah dan menyusahkan orang lain then we should feel ashamed with our self. 

This entry just my thought, feeling and experience. Please do not feel offended.

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