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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Unplugged and Play

Nowadays, the main concern for me for my kids adalah gadget. Yup you can see everywhere kids nowadays sibuk dengan ipad, tablet or handphone. It's really worried me a lot! I heard a story about kids yang jadi anti-sosial, lack of motor skills and a lot more. I betul-betul taknak this kind of things happen to Amni or any of my future kids.

One fine day I come across this blog and found out about this book : Unplugged and PlayThe things is I as a mum pon kadang-kadang takde idea nak main apa dengan Amni so I really need this book as a guide for me. Well to tell you, I'm not that creative enough to think by myself and come out with an idea on what I can do to entertain Amni

I bought this book at Kinokuniya Malaysia website. Ambil masa a month juga la tunggu buku ni sampai sebabnya they order this book from the suppliers. I tak tau kat mana nak beli buku ni kat Malaysia ni. I only find this book online eg. Amazon. 

I dah go through this book and I must say it's a must have book for parent nowadays. Seriously. Ada idea permainan tu cuma guna stokin je okay! and I tak terfikir pon it can be a game for kids. 

InsyaAllah I will share with you the game that we play. Oh btw I'm not perfect. Sometimes I give gadget to Amni too. Its just we need to restrict the use of it. Thats all. Sharing is caring right? 

Till then. Unplugged and play!

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