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Thursday, May 8, 2014

House decor

What I do best when husband not around? Shopping! Haha. 

Husband went to Japan again. I guess I just need to familiarize myself with this kinda husband-not-around thingy because he will go there again from time to time. His boss just love to send him there. Hehe. Well he work hard and know his job very well. I'm proud of him and I want my kids to be proud of their dad too. 

Ok get back to the topic. Yesterday was a public holiday for Pahang, so I decide to do little bit decoration for our house. After big breakfast, we went for fresh flower hunting to buy a Lily flower. I'm a big fan of Lily flower. I love how it change the view of the room elegantly. The price of Lily flower here in Kuantan is RM 15. A little bit pricey I guess. We didn't survey the price with other shop though.

We also went to SSF to buy a vase but end up bought a lot of other things too! Haha. It was my 1st time went there. Didn't know it have a lot of nice and practical stuff. Almost like Ikea. FYI, I'm a Ikea die hard fan. So you know how excited I'm when I found a shop that sell things like almost same with Ikea in Kuantan. Aaaah it's going to be easy for me to shop for our own house later. Hihi.

Some people said we didn't need to decor a rental house because it's not permanent and waste of money. As for me, I like my house to be neat, nice, proper and organize. I can't wait for our own house to complete to do the decoration but rental house need some touch too. After all we will live there for like a year, so it's our 'home' for now. 

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