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Monday, December 30, 2013

Facebook 2013 Moment

Just 1 more day left until we meet 2014. Fuh time really fly that fast eh? A lot of thing happened this year and I'm cherish every second of it. This post just want to list some of the moment through out the year. I get this from facebook 2013 review which come from the most 'like' I get. I'm going to miss everything. Bye 2013.

1) Amni was 4 months old on January.

2) Amni was 5 months old on February and she finally able to raise her leg.

3) Bought kids scarf and try on Amni. Too cute!

4) The most highlighted moment in my life. Performed Umrah with husband, Amni and a few of family members. Alhamdulillah dream comes true.

5) Sadly I have to leave Maybank but Happy finally I can stay with husband. One family under one roof. Kuantan is my hometown now.

6) Join my current workplace as IT Engineer. 

7) Amni was 1 years old on 13 september 2013. She's grown up so fast! 

8) Our second anniversary! Thank you husband for a wonderful 2 years.

I guess that all. Happy New Year in advance guys! May this 2014 bring more happiness, good health, wealth and anything you ever dream of.

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