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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

On loosing weight

If you can see at the right bar of this blog, I already put my progress in loosing my weight. Unfortunately, I cant maintain it and now it bounce back. Sigh. I would say it's my fault. My fault because after loosing 4 kg, I take everything for granted again. The things is I want to lose weight but I didn't change my lifestyle. That's my biggest mistake! I keep on delaying. For example in my thought if I not exercise today, I will exercise tomorrow. Haha guess what? Tomorrow also nothing happened! Mad at myself. Grrrrr.

Losing weight is a lifestyle change. When you go back to old lifestyle, then you will gain the weight back. My problem was when I already lost the weight, I lost myself again. Lost the spirit, motivation and not push myself anymore. Actually I have 6 kg more to lose but apparently I have to start all over again. Sigh.

I'm not going to mourn over this for a long time. The new year have start, so it is a good excuse to start all over again just this time the approach will be different. I must change my lifestyle, change my food and attitude. To keep my motivation, last months I bought myself a Zumba DVD with Groupon for RM99 and to add some more spirit I bought new workout attire and smoothies blender. This time I must do it properly and consistent. Before I want to get pregnant again, I must must must lose the 10 kg at least! 

Already start this zumba workout and it's so good! Worth to buy.

To change to more healthy eating. Gonna try smoothies. Bought at Parkson for RM139. Worth to buy too!

To those whose still struggle to lose your weight, don't give up! Better late than never. Move your ass!

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