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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Whenever i think about something, i really wanna write down about it. But but but i dont know why i will stop and forget about it. Sigh.

Anyway i have been silent for a while because little Amni is sick. She was down with fever. Not the normal one but demam campak. Huhu. She was so cranky, mengamuk all the time. I think she's not comfortable and her body feel itchy. I'm pity her to bare with all this. Kena makan ubat selalu.

For me, dugaan datang bertubi-tubi. Sampai satu tahap rasa tak mampu dah nak handle. Janji Allah dugaan tu setimpal dengan kemampuan kita kan? I try to be positive all the time but sometimes i give up. Blame everything. I cry a lot. Ya Allah, please have mercy with me. Please give little Amni a good health. Please. Kalau sakit tu boleh dipindahkan kepada saya, pindahkanlah. 

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