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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Diet: New Mission

Still remember this post? Haha think to share the result. I have lost 6 kg. In 2 months. Well its a success for me sebabnya i dont do it consistently. Haha. I always  missed the shake at night! FYI, i drink the shake twice, morning and night. When i was home lil Amni demand me to take her to sleep. FYI lagi I breastfeed Lil Amni. So yup sambil tidurkan anak, mak pon tertidur sekali. Always like that! Hehe. Good thing bila tertidur tu tak makan malam. So its help juga.

Now, today i have new mission. I think I dah missed herbalife more than 1 months because of so many things happened to me. Go for Umrah, move to Kuantan, new job, settling this and that, banyak duit pakai, so yeah i stop for a while. Why tak exercise? Hmm thats one more problem. I dont have a time when i'm home! Seriously bukan excuse. This is because lil Amni nak i ada depan die 24/7. Gosh this demanding budak kecik. Hehe. Baju-baju pon banyak tak lipat tau sebab budak kecik ni. 

So now here i am at 60++kg. Ok dont want to tell the exact number yet. Malu. Hehe. From 70kg i have become 60++ kg (do the math). I have a new mission to lost another 10kg. Kalau dapat more than that a bonus! Ching! Hihi. So lets do it!

1st pic. Time ni dalam pantang lagi.

2nd pic. At my bff wedding, lil Amni 5 months.

See the different on me? Haha. I dont have before and after picture alone. Maybe i shud take one this time.  I dare to share becoz i consume it and i feel the result. Bila dah selalu beli i have my own ID with herbalife, so if u want to buy and try it, i can buy it for u. Ok thats all for now. Good luck for me!;))

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