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Friday, May 10, 2013

Antara gembira atau sedih

Alhamdulillah impian nak duduk dengan husband dimakbulkan. I'm more than happy to move on and live a new life. Venture into a new environment. Jalankan responsibility as a wife. Tapi my path not that easy, ditakdirkan a week after me and lil amni move to kuantan, husband need to go to Japan. We already expect this thing but tidaklah secepat ini. I mean give me a time to make myself comfortable first! I didnt know the name of the road. I didnt know how to go here or there. Sigh. Lucky my brothers in a semester break so they alternately accompanied me for a while. At least its ease my burden a bit.

Another problem, we need to look for new house because the owner want to move in on July. While husband in japan for almost a month, who gonna to look for the house? Haih and its not easy to find a rental house! Gosh. I feel life is tough right now. Too many problem sampai rasa taknak fikir. Kalau jadi jadi kalau tak tak jadila. Sampai tahap itu! But i must be strong for lil Amni and myself. Pasti ada hikmah behind everything. Try to keep the positivity vibe in me. InsyaAllah. Pray hard Allah make it easy for me to take care lil Amni and everything while husband not around. Amin.


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