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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review: Bioglo Clearpore Deep Cleansing Mask

I'm impressed!

By what?

Haha by this product from Cosway. Yup you heard me. From Cosway! Never thought i can get a good stuff from Cosway. Ok maybe I terlalu memandang rendah with this kind of shop eg; cosway, amway, avon. They do produce good products actually. Ok maybe not all, i'm not very sure of it but a few stuff i bought from them were really good. And affordable too! Terus sign jadi member untuk dapat harga lagi murah. Haha.

Ok berbalik pada review. This product is a black mask yang kita boleh peel tu. Sangat best!

Before this, I always use biore nosestrap untuk buang blackhead or whitehead tapi rasa tak puas sebab use only for nose. I mean kawasan lain area muka pon sure ada blackhead and whitehead ni. So tercari2 juga la mask yang boleh tarik-tarik ni. Dulu zaman anak dara rajinla tepek putih telur guna tisu, bila kering tarik. Now dah ada anak takde maknanya. Kalau boleh semua nak cepat. Hehe. 

Tiba-tiba popular satu jenis mask yang from carcoal tu. They claim boleh peel. So been searching for that product but mostly jual online. Problem now malas nak purchase online sebab no one at home plus new office tak mesra nak layan personal parcel. Huhu. So i didnt bought any until one day i'm googling about 'good product for skin' and i found this one blog told about this product from Cosway. Tq to that blog!

So i go to Cosway stokis and suprisingly it's sold out! Never give up and go to another stokis, my rezeki because only one left. Straight away balik rumah try this mask and I love it! Its really peel the blackhead and whitehead! In fact next week nya, I bought another one because I tamak like that. Haha. Can see from picture the tube and unwrap box. Hihi. I'm a one happy girl! Haha girl ke? Mak orang dah. Pfft! 

Anyway lesson here jangan pandang rendah on Cosway product i guess. Haha. Looking forward to try other product range from them. So ladies go try this product. Good!

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