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Monday, March 11, 2013

Amni 6 months

How time flies. As hamba Allah banyak sangat kelalaian yang telah dibuat. Muhasabah diri then buat lagi. Whats wrong with me nowadays. Sigh.

11 of march. Another 2 days Wan Arina Amni turn to 6 months old. Besar dah anak ibu. Sekejap je rasa. As for her progress, start 5 months amni dah start meniarap. Suara makin lantang. Haha. She know her mum. Thats the best feeling ever! Lagi pandai mengamuk. Baby mengamuk sangat cute, lagi nak sakat. Hehe.

Im a kind of mom yang nak the best for her kids. Siapa tak nak kan? Peliknya i feel exhausted but i still want to do it for her. Thats was amazing. No wonder my mum keep on doing her work for us. All mom want the best for their kids! Ok back to Amni. I introduce her to solid food little bit late because dia cirit-birit for quite long time. Almost a month. And for her solid food i try my best to give her homemade food. I wish i will keep motivated to do and give the best for all my kids. No excuse! Its Amanah from
Allah. InsyaAllah.

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