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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From swing to freestyle

Tajuk ni if u bukan seorang ibu yang breastfeed maybe tak faham. Its about breastpump. Haha ya i know ini pon nak cerita ke? Do i care? I like to share. Mana tahu boleh benefit others.

Semasa pregnant i already bought medela swing at mother baby expo. Medela swing is a single electric pump. At that time i thought kononnya i dont need double pump. I can survive with single pump only and the fact double pump price so expensive make me think its ridiculous to buy. Seriously i thought i know everything about breastfeed. Duh bodoh sombong sangat! Who? Sayala. Haha.

Now bila dah kerja i know the cons of it. Orang kata tak rasa kita tak tahu kan? Ya its a learning process to me. Rupanya banyak yang saya tak tahu. I do hope i learn more before. Btw regret pon no use. As i said its a learning process. The good one. Not that swing not good. Its still the best breastpump if u have more time. I found that when using single i have to pump 20 minute for one side and another 20 minute with other side. So i do really need cut time, double and portable.

Its take about a month for me to think and think about it. Should i or should not i bought it? Kadang2 rasa membazir. Kadang2 rasa perlu. Kadang2 rasa tak perlu. But at the end i decide to buy. Dekat tempat kerja bukan semua orang faham that we need time to pump. So after ask for permission and convincing husband that i will save more after this, i bought medela freestyle. Yeah its a wishlist! Alhamdulillah. Ada rezeki nak guna. Will do the review after this insyaAllah. I do hope i can increase mu milk supply to my daughter. Btw i bought it here with more cheaper price than retail price.

So to all mom or mom-to-be, learn from my mistake. Do more research. Menjadi parents kita perlu ada 'ilmu'. Ilmu apa? U need to experience urself. Hehe. So here the picture of medela swing(1)and medela freestyle(2) from google. Haha too lazy to take my own picture. Happy breastfeeding!;))

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