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Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: Avent steamer and blender

I think i wanna share with all moms and mom-to-be out there about this stuff. I ada baca somewhere when i googling about this stuff before i purchased. I found that this thing in a list 10 aplliances should not be in your kitchen. Well i dont know guys, i love this Blender! Its so easy and the puree i make for Amni, so soft that i think i dont have to tapis the purre anymore.

Kalau nak cerita about pro and cons of this blender, you all can gooling yourself because the info not much different pon. Lets me share from my experience. This blender comes with manual book, recipe book (good one!), measuring cup and spatula.

Cara gunanya, i just cut the fruit into a small cube. Masukkan air ke dalam steamer. Pusing suis ke steamer mode. Wait for few minutes. Blend. And wallaa! Done! Hihi easy peasy. Sangat recommended for working mom.

Yup some people might said they can use normal blender. I tried my normal blender before to blend chilli paste, onion n many more but it dont blend very well. Not smooth at all. So i know my blender! Haha. Lagipon blender biasa bau cili, bawang semua. Hihi.

So as a conclusion, i highly recommended this blender for working and on-the-go mommy ;)

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