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Saturday, February 8, 2014

My 'Baby'

This is my other 'baby'. I know I love baking so much and this is my passion. Every time I'm baking it give me pure satisfaction and my adrenaline will goes up. Haha. Today its already reach 111 like. Not big amount u think? Haha yup but alhamdulillah I truly appreciate each one of them. InsyaALLAH one day I will do this permanently. Their support definitely make me smile, excited to baking more and do my best. Banyak planning dalam kepala ni for my business. Maybe its kinda slow progress but I want to make sure I do and give the best to my customer. So orang Kuantan, if you nak rasa 'air tangan' I, jangan malu-malu ask me ya.

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