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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake for Amni

Last week I bake a chocolate cake for Amni. It's not a normal cake sebabnya I bake them guna Gluten Free flour. I told u guys kan about eczema? Ada certain food Amni tak boleh makan and one of them adalah telur. I ni dah la suka bake cake, cookies semua. Dapat pulak anak tak boleh nak merasa I bake. Sedih rasa. So I pon carilah solution and I found this blog, anak dia pon ada eczema. Thanks to her! I'm so happy when I found it! rasa macam wow now i can cook anything for her. She can eat food like normal people. 

Btw if u have daugher like mine, u can purchase this kind of food here. Oh this food also available at Cold Storage but tak semua range akan ada. Quick overview about this flour I take from the website.

Orgran has a comprehensive range of convenient packet mixes for the health conscious. When you use Orgran products, you can be assured they are all free of artificial additives, flavours or preservatives. We only use what nature provides. 

The entire range is: 
Wheat Free 

Gluten Free 
Dairy/ lactose and casein Free 
Egg Free 
Yeast Free 
GMO Free 
Cholesterol Free 
Free from Animal derivatives

So back to the chocolate cake, I was not totally follow their instruction. Normally bila u dah biasa bake, u kind know nak agak-agak sukatan for a plain cake. Here my random measurement for this cake:
- 1 cup of Orgran Chocolate Cake Mix 
- 1/4 corn oil
- 1/2 water
- 1-2 spoon sugar (optional)
- bear mould

Sukatan tu cukup-cukup for this 4.


Amni makan 1, ibu dan abah makan 2. Haha.

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