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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Travel alone with baby by flight

During our long distance marriage, husband akan turun Nilai to meet me but occasionally I akan pergi Kuantan by bus. Bila Amni lahir, kitorang still long distance until Amni 7 months old. So bila dah ada baby, I choose to travel by flight. Even its costly, its save a lot of time and by saving a time I mean saving your time when handling crying baby alone! haha. Rasanya we take flight more than 3 times. Pernah try naik bas sekali, its take about 5 hours. Amni tidur, bangun, nangis, tidur balik, bangun, nangis, tidur balik, still tak sampai-sampai. Kalau dalam our own car oklah. Tiada siapa kisah nak bising ke apa ke. Hehe.

Amni's 1st flight experience.

1st and last time use this crotch carrier. I don't use it any more. Amni not comfortable in it.
Most of the time she will sleep. 

Here a few tips yang I nak share bila you traveling alone with baby:

1. Pack as light as you can! Yes memang kita boleh check in our luggage tapi bila dah sampai you still kena take the luggage and bawa sampai pintu keluar. So basically kalau bawa stroller, I will tolak stroller and tarik one bag. Kalau pakai carrier pon still you tak nak tarik dua tiga bag kan?

A stroller and one luggage. Enough.

2. Minimize your hand carry. Yang ni until now I tak berapa minimize sangat. Tapi berjaya jugala kurangkan. Biasalah perempuan, semua benda rasa penting nak bawa. Hehe. Usually I will hand carry my handbag and amni's diaper bag.

3. Choose your seat. I have experienced both ways. Book the seat awal-awal and tak book. Kalau nasib baik tak book tu dapat juga better seat. Its better for you to book early.

4. Prepare your nursing cover (for breastfeeding). Bila-bila masa anak anda akan menangis and by breadtfeed je boleh calmkan mereka. Always a success to me. Baby and boobs macam ada connection. Haha. Bare in mind, space dalam flight agak sempit. Kena pandai-pandai adjust yourself time breastfeed, so that you both akan rasa selesa.

5. Time take off and landing give your baby sucks something. To reduce the air pressure, so baby akan rasa selesa.

6. Bring toys or give anything yang boleh distract your baby form crying.

In a flight. Amni koyakkan magazine tu. huhu.

7. Pakaikan bayi anda pakaian yang selesa. Ada masa they need sweater, ada masa tidak. Especially during take off, suhu dalam flight akan panas sekejap.

8. Your baby cry? So what? Haha. Its a nature for them to cry. Kalau boleh bercakap , diorang cakap dah. So don't panic. If you panic the baby will feel it too. Take a deep breath and calm them down. Just ignore others. Your baby done nothing wrong. 

Rasanya ini sajalah tips yang boleh I share. I guess lain orang lain experiencenya. Just enjoy your time alone with your baby. It will taught you a lot as a mom. 

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