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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Diet: Herbalife

When u have czer, u cant do workout or heavy job for 2 months. After that u can but just light workout such as jogging etc. Semasa pregnant i gain almost 30 kg. Big number kan? Haha. I already lost 12 kg during confinement. Dulu ingat i boleh normal so bolehlah start workout to lose all the lemaks after 2 weeks. Again kita hanya merancang. Being me, diet and workout never be a problem. I love do both. I have high spirit when come to this matter. So since i cant start my workout soon, i only can rely on diet.

Now im doing oat diet. I dont eat rice, replace it with oat. But i need more help sebab makan oat je takla berkhasiat sangat, so i'll add nutritious product into my diet. I dah pernah try this product before just ia agak mahal untuk maintain but its good! At least dapat turun dalam 5 kg pon okla. Slowly. I'm realistic in term of losing weight. Jangan harap la baru jogging sekejap dah turun banyak. Its need consistency. I've done this before for my wedding so i'm surely know.

But diet food je not enough and not good. No no its not. Exercise memang sangat penting. It will be temporary until i can workout again. Sure i'll share the success (kalau ada. hehe). Wish me luck!

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