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Monday, July 9, 2012

Long story cut short

There is so much thing to talk about yet I dont know which one to start first. About pregnancy, holiday, house..aaahhh so much thing in bless. A long of to-do-list and wish-list. Cant wait to start all that things!


Alhamdulillah we manage to rent a house at Kuantan. It was a good start. The house condition was good and it's too big actually for us even it is only a terrace house. Bought furniture for the house was the good investment ever i feel in my life. Now the things going on in my mind is to decorate the house. Excited giler I tell u! I want to organise the kitchen. Nak penuhkan perabot. InsyaAllah one day. Step by step. Taknak beli perabot yang akan buat saya rasa regret. I mean biar perabot tu last as long as it can. hehe.

I want my kitchen stuff organise like this!


Alhamdulillah. Now dah masuk 3rd trimester. Doa yang baik2 je. Takut tu jangan cakapla. Excited tu teramat tapi orang kata jangan excited sangat kan? Kadang2 rasa I'm not doing good enough for the baby. Huhu.

The baby should be position like this. 29 weeks.


I take a month early holiday which is unpaid leave. I just think I need to be with my husband. Anything can happen to me during labor kan? So I just want to do something for him. Cook for him. Treat him nicely. I want to use that time as good as possible. Recite Al-quran. Muhasabah diri banyak2. Rest as much as I can. I'm so tired right now because I have to travel everyday from Nilai to KL. Ada hari my body just cant take it anymore. Huhu. And I'm pity with my baby. She need more attention from me.

Wah long story cut short that's it for now. Maybe. Haha. Because a lots of thing in my mind right now I tell u. So i might writing some more a few hours later kot. Hehe.

Yours Truly,

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